Did you know?

It is recommended to eat more fruit and vegetables. Mix them into all of your daily meals .

Baby leaves are many varieties of young leaves. Some grow at extremely fast speeds, with only two weeks from planting to harvest, while others takes up to two months.

A bowl of salad a day - keeps the fat away.

The highest quality for more than 40 years


A.P. Grønt is founded by Per Hardenberg

1985Production of open head speciality lettuce

A.P Grønt starts production of open head speciality lettuce, lollo and oakleave types to mention a few.

1990introduction of babyleaves

As the first in Northern Europe, A.P. Grønt introduces babyleaves here among Rucola


A.P. Grønt is certified under GlabalGap standard

2012Introducing washed ready to eat products

A.P. Grønt is introducing washed ready to eat products for the food service sector.

2013Business Award

A.P. Grønt receives the Nordea Bank Business Award

2014Expansion of production

A.P Grønt expands production facilities by approximately 2000m2

2017New factory

A.P. Grønt builds a new convenience factory for washed and processed products.